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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Day 51-55: Cold days not too much going on

So for the past few days we have been pretty much in our flat all day long. Thursday night the congregation put together a going away party for us and another couple, John and Zaha that are returning to Germany.

We had a great time I had an opportunity to dance which is always wonderful as I don't get a chance to dance often unless it is at a party! Good music good food and lots of fun.

Unfortunately Preben went from a progressively mild cold to a fever that night and we stayed home all day long on Friday he kind of reminded me of this cat picture that I found.

So sad but yet so extremely cute at the same time. We spent the day in bed watching Korean shows.

Today (Saturday) we went out in service however we found out that no one seems to have went out on Friday because of how cold it was. As we came back home sleet started to fall.

Someone mentioned to me at one point in time that since we have been here the winter has been mild...I am not thinking that we are just now really seeing true Ireland winter weather. I must say I am glad we've missed out on this "true" weather because I was very cold out in service and we couldn't stay out too long before calling it quits (as it was lightly raining as well).

Needless to say