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Friday, January 25, 2013

Days 56-60: All good things must come to an End


This day seems to be a blank for some reason...oh yeah I was sick as a dog and ended up not going to the meeting or doing much of anything besides lay in bed! I hate being sick :(


Spent most of the day out in service and got ready for our departure Thursday. I must say by the end of the day I was very upset because out heat cut out...again! I  was soo mad. It's bad when you can see your breath while in the house


We spent the day packing and cleaning. We also decided to leave the cold flat and head back to JoAnn's house for the rest of the time we were in Ireland. At the meeting we took a group picture of which I don't have the pics yet but will hopefully get later this week and will post up.

But here are more pictures from the going away party Fun times!!

I love Kareokee


We went out in service and finished preparations for our departure we also scared  Karen that also stays at JoAnn's since we kinda just moved in our luggage without telling her. We sadly didn't have her number and couldn't tell her face to face.

We wanted to spend the night at home just relaxing but Luca dragged us out the house one more time to see the city center and we are so glad we did. One of the major things that I wanted to do the whole trip was see traditional Irish music and dance. While the video quality is not very good the group was pretty good. The bands name was Puca and I ended up buying their CD. This person had a better view of them than I did of the dancing earlier in the year.

The band consisted of  Banjo, Guitar, Accordion, Vocalist, and drummer. They had a great sound and one of their original songs is suppose to be in a movie coming up. Don't ask me what move that is as he couldn't tell me :(


We packed everything up early and jumped on the plane home. I hand't realized how long its been since i've seen the sun and realized that Ireland it completely covered in clouds almost all the time.

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