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Monday, December 3, 2012

Day 1: The Journey Begins


 It all started with getting on the plane to Germany, wrong tram to plane. But it was ok as we were able to get on the right one right a way with still time to go. This should have told me how the remaining trip was going to be... I first want to say that traveling Luthansa internationally was great! The ride was very smooth with the exception of a little turbulence towards the end of the trip. The seats were fairly comfortable compared to our first trip. They had a downstairs restroom which was interesting. It was like going down into the cargo hold of a boat!

I tried recording that but for some reason my phone didn't save it or I couldn't access it which was a bit upsetting. When we arrived in Germany for our layover it was't too bad I was surprised to see so many people just sleeping everywhere without worrying that someone would take their stuff. The airport was huge in the sense that we did a lot of walking to get to the location of our plane we ended up taking a nap and snacking of good chips but not so good juice.


 So we land in Ireland and things are smooth so far, we've been here for about 5 min and then it starts... Going through immigration we get stopped and pretty much interrogated prior to going through, we should have written documentation for who we will stay with.

We were told to wait 'til he takes care of all the people in line and than he will see us. (As US citizens we can stay for 90days on a tourist visa so was confused about the hard time he was giving us) As we wait on the sidelines I get very happy that there is Internet! Unfortunately once I checked my email I'd received a message from the lady we were renting the apartment from and apparently the previous tenants trashed the place as was in need of serious renovation and she wouldn't be renting it out anytime soon!

 Needless to say we had until Sunday, or 1 full day to look for a new place to stay as we were staying with someone at the local congregation for just two nights before we needed to go. This day has been not so great...

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  1. I'm so happy for you guys! Things will get better :)

    Since I have a blog "Nails Beautiqued" this is the name I'll be using to comment with... Rhonda Marbury