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Monday, December 24, 2012

Day 19-25: Broken Camera


Was spent primarily in he ministry but no really good experiences to share except a chance to speak with a young man that had never read the Bible but believed that there had to be something else out there else it would really be a boring existence.

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Used to twist my hair

I found out that my camera was not working, which is very upsetting and resulted in a decrease in pictures that would be taken for the rest of the week. Thursdays tend to be our day off to relax we spent most of the day sitting in bed watching Tron:Uprising which is a pretty good animated series based on what happened in between the first and second movie.  I was a bit disappointed that the first season wasn't over as it now requires me to wait for series to end before I can start watching it again.

I twisted my hair also so I wouldn't have to do much with it the rest of the week.


Spent another long day out in service and I am almost done with my time for the month HURRAY! Hopefully next week we will be able to go to the West part of Ireland.

I received an e-mail from the recruiter regarding the job and he said that it looks like they want a person that speaks Spanish for the position even though the woman I interviewed with really liked me. He mentioned that he won't know for sure until next week.

After service John and Zaha came over as they are leaving for Germany for the next week or so. We had a great time and they've had some very interesting adventures in the Middle East. We hope to one day visit them in Germany!


Was extremely busy we spent a nice time out in service (1.75 hours remaining) I had an opportunity to show a man the website out in service on my tablet with another sister. She noticed I'm putting menus in the door for a restaurant and she thought he may be Chinese so she was going to offer him a tract. After sometime we finally were able to catch up with hima dn offered the tray and told him he could find out more on the website. This gave me a chance to show him the site which he appreciated in his own language. It was an awesome experience considering our lesson for the service meeting Tuesday"

 and then went to spend time with the Bumaglads (spelled very wrong) I made arrangements with the girls to watch Japanese and Korean Dramas on Sunday (very excited).

After lunch we headed to the City Center to meet up with Aiden and go to the Portabello congregation which means beautiful port in Italian. This congregation is super small and there was another meeting (Portuguese) going on at the same time as the english. They have 2 English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Chinese, and Italian that meet at the kingdom hall. There isn't a parking lot so the friends have to find parking on the streets.

The brother giving the talk was the same brother that gave the talk last week when we visited the Finglas congregation so needless to say the talk was a repeat but still good!

After the meeting we went to a pub to get a bite to eat before going to a superquinn (like walgreens/supermarket mix) to get something we would like to drink for a dance party a brother was having.

Now I must say we had an awesome time but we ended up leaving relatively early considering we hadn't been back home since we left for service that morning. The music was nice a lot of house and techno and we met a sister from Boston who invited us to come visit her anytime. She was visiting her sister who has been loving in Ireland for 7 years. Their parents go to the Windermere congregation I think.


I ended up taking pictures with the phone I use in the US which is ok but not the great. After the meeting I made food for the Japanese and Korean drama night but didn't need to as the family cooked a major Philippine, Korean, and Japanese dinner. Needless to say I was very full after that I ended up making guacamole for dip.

Preben, Luca, and Emmele ended up going out with some brothers and sisters to a pub for association and traditional Irish dancing. If you haven't already noticed you go to pubs for everything.
Singing Beat it

Before they left we had a little bit of Kareoke fun with Janela and Jense and their parents.
We ended up watching a variety show called Running Man which was quite funny, Kimi wa Petto Episode 1,  Zettai Karashi (I read the manga but it was very depressing the drama seems a little different) and Koizoro. We didn't finish any of them except for a couple of the variety shows.


Joel - A dancing Diva

Was spent out and service and typing up the days I didn't get to finish during last week on the blog. Also my camera is no longer broke (HURRAY). Thursday we are heading off to the west side of Ireland to spend a few days in Galway then go to Doolin and Connemara a major thank you to Eileen Leedy for the great recommendations I hope to get some goo pictures.

We book our tickets back home this week hopes to be one filled with lots of site seeing. We are possibly planning a trip to Italy in January and we have found the secret to traveling through Europe Ryan Air . This site is crazy cheap I found a round trip flight to Italy for both of us for 36 Euros. That isn't 36 Euros each but all together. Its like taking a bus so don't expect much on the flight.

Dublin is apparently one of the main hubs for this airline.

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