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Friday, December 7, 2012

Day 7: Rain and Sleep

Today nothing much went on I woke early to go on a Bible study which was very interesting. I want t visit a place called Snowdonia (yes such a place does exist) the lady who we were studying the Bible with often goes up into the mountains and takes care of her older uncle that looked after her when she was being mistreated by her family.

She is very mild and sweet it is amazing how quickly people warm up to you. In a short period of time I was informed of a lot of her personal business which made my heart go out to her. While she has never went to the kingdom hall she has shared her faith with many persons. She is slowly working her uncle to let her go without a fuss. Once again I find I need to develop patience as my first ought was "do what you need to do regardless of how he feels!!" of course I am not in her situation and I obvious need to lern how to keep the peace better. Jo Ann is awesome at this ( I thin I mentioned this before).

I sewed a button on my sweater which I was very proud of, I helped Jo Ann finish up a few cards she was making (very beautiful cards bt the way) and took a nap (as I said nothing much was going on)

Later in the night we went to visit Ben and his family. His dad proceeded to tell us a number of horror stories about the Garda (police) and how terrible they are. They called them to come put one time for a problem they had and it took 3 months for them to eventually make it! Or one time someone tried to break into their house, threw a rock through the window, but didn't get in. The Garda came about 2 hours later asked "did they steal anything?" when they said no he was upset that they'd called him out...

The summary to all this...the Garda do not make me feel safe. Did I mention that they don't carry guns and bad kids can not be prosecuted regardless of what they do if they are under the age of 18. This just goes to show that kids are bad no matter where you go.


  1. Garda doesn't carry a gun?? Oh wow, How does the people feel safe? Just have to rely on Jehovah :)

    Rhonda Marbury

  2. Hang in there my dear friend. No matter where we are Jehovah has our back.

  3. Jehovah has your back just like Tammy said! Stay strong!