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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Day 27: Howth Hike

So today was spent on the beautiful isthmus oh Howth the eastern boarder of Northside congregation's territory. We were a little worried at that we wouldn't be able to finish as it started raining during our journey and we had to turn back. A brave few continued on in the rain and some more after the rain let up.

My legs were on fire after all the walking and I wanted to go home. We however ended up going to s sister's house, muddy and all. It was her first party since she just moved in and was happy to have all us muddy folk.

We played a  couple rounds of Mafia and ate good food. It was a good day!

Hanging Around

Dirty Dogs
A scene off the beaten path

The Trail

Two sisters in bear hats!

Rachel > Janela - Rachel is awesome

Having fun at Rachel's

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