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Friday, December 14, 2012

Day 13: Didn't do Anything we planned

So these last few days have gone by so fast it is unbelievable.


We had plans to go to multiple places and made it to not a one. We return to call on a lady that we spoke with Monday and I was able to offer a Bible study but she has a very busy schedule her mother suffers from dementia.

She mentioned that she was interested in the chapter on where are the dead and how spirits affect us. She mentioned that she is a very spiritual person and had the spirit of a child that use to touch her and cling to her leg. At this point in the conversation I think my eyes got really big and my face must have said that this was a bit disturbing to me as she followed that up with it was just a harmless spirit...

Needless to say I will have to try and catch her when I can.

We were suppose to go see a brother at his job but that didn't happen as I got in contact with recruiter for an international company and had to update my resume. This also prevented us from going to the US Embassy which does not sponsor anyone for jobs. So if you aren't an Irish citizen forget about working the US embassy...

Also we were suppose to go see a basketball game but we arrived 10 minutes after it ended we thought that at least it would be half-time. Apparently basketball is very under appreciated in Ireland.

We ended up going to estate the Woolshed which was nice and seeing a movie Alex Cross which was neither bad nor good but a partial west of money.