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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Day 12: Picture finally!

Today was spent sleeping, cooking, and family worship with Jo Ann. We decided that every Tuesday  we will spend the day with Jo Ann until she goes on vacation to Australia.

I miss hispanic food so I tend to cook mainly items i've eaten at tex mex places such as tacos and fajitas.

We went over the lesson for tonights meeting for family worship and it took us a bit of time. I must admit that Jo Ann really makes me appreciate Bible reading. I don't think i've seen anyone devour the Bible like she has. The one she has is currently falling apart from use and she has only had it for 6 years.

Tonight I spent time uploading pictures to this blog and Facebook I want to apologize in advance to those who do not have Facebook as there will be more pictures there than here along with video that I just could not upload here. I am working on putting items on YouTube so stay tuned!


  1. nice work on the blog... Keep it going! See you soon.

  2. Thanks I apologize for poor grammar as I do not re-read these posts as I don't have much time for editing...