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Monday, December 10, 2012

Day 10 - 11: Great day in the ministry


We went shopping for our flat again and spent the evening with friends in Tallaght (Tall-a). Theses guys are too much fun! I love the three families that get together each weekend. I have video and pics to post on all the fun we had.

It seems that a number of persons use words that we would consider "curse words" on a regular basis here. I have to keep reminding myself that I am a foreigner.


Darrel > Preben > Lord Pedro

Working out

The family getting ready to play card

Alderan > Ben > Lea > Jackie

Having fun

The food was awesome Yvonne > Edwin > Win

Preben > Ben : Preben was not happy with his gloves

Time to say bye bye


We slept for a good portion of the day and than went out on calls in the evening we had a great time! Below is a summary of our experience! A remember we started at about 4pm and it is dark at about 4pm...

First Call: Man from Nigeria about age 46-55

I'd met him the Saturday before last and he remembered me. He said that the only issue he has with Jehovah's Witnesses is that we do not except blood transfusions. I read the scripture to him at Acts 15:29 regarding abstaining from blood and explained that we except the best medical treatment possible that does not involve the use of blood but includes the use of alternatives.

He expressed that he'd seen items in the news about young children that died and he does not agree with that. I mentioned to him that there are often negative experiences in the news but not the positive uses of bloodless operations.

I used the example of how at one time many persons were getting different disease from blood transfusions. And he expressed that was a part of life, I than explained that if there isn't a guarantee that a person will not survive if they get a blood transfusion wouldn't it better not to disobey God on a possibility.

He than asked Preben what he thought about Christmas and do we celebrate it. We explained to him what Jesus said we should remember, which was his death and not his birth. Preben showed him the article we were featuring this month on Christmas and highlighted the article on why some do not celebrate Christmas. We couldn't go further because he had guest but said we would come back around the same time and her would speak to us further.

Second Call: Young lady with new born child

Was heading out so could not speak!

Third Call: Please follow up lady named Grace

Grace had two young children and was unable to speak but was very nice she introduced her child Jayme. Preben asked if Jayme was a girl or a boy... I was a little shocked. Jayme was a boy very pretty with long hair. I was a bit shocked over the question but Grace laughed about it. She asked that we come back in the morning.

Fourth Call: Young lady named Carol

I first went to the door without my Bible so had to go back to the car. When the young lady came to the door she expressed that she didn't remember anyone coming to her door and speaking with her before on the tract "Soon Suffering all to End" so I ended up just presenting the "Truth" tract and her name was not Carol but Karen...

I asked her if she was a Bible reader and she said that she wasn't but had been at one point in time when she was younger and kinda stopped as she got older. She expressed that I would comeback tomorrow to talk to her more on the topic of "War and Suffering to end."

All and all we had a good evening and was able to share a few scriptures which really made the evening enjoyable.


  1. I would like to know what those "words" are. Lol!

    That's great you found your calls home and willing to talk :)

    Rhonda Marbury

  2. Oh to have actual conversations and use your bible. It's nice when you aren't the only one asking the questions.

    Love the updates.

    Congrats on your new flat.

  3. Don't come back here cussing now!

    Sounds like a great day in the ministry.