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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Day 26: Wicklow Mountains

So today was the start of our exploration of the countryside of Ireland. We went to Sugar Loaf mountain for a hike with the brothers and sisters from various congregations in the area as well as two sisters from Italy and 2 sister from Philadelphia PA.

We had an awesome time and I must say I was so tired going up the mountain. It looked like a straight shot all the way to the top but this was not a leisurely stroll by no means. We had to avoid the dangers of mud, "poo-piles", rocks and brambles. All in all we had a lot of fun and being with the friends makes it all the better for one traveling.

The two sisters from Philadelphia Gloria and I forget the other sister's name are "back-packing" it across Europe spending a week in multiple countries going by train, bus, and Euro-rail. Gloria told me they only spent about 750$ for their flight here and 300+ for their Euro-rail across Europe which is pretty good.

I thought what an awesome experience to see people our age and younger traveling like this and getting to know the congregations as they do so. I will have to say that if you can save up and afford to do so it is well worth the trip.

I have to say that after going up and down the mountain I was very cold and hungry and tired especially since we have the meeting tonight.

So enough yapping and time for some pictures!

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