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Monday, December 10, 2012

Day 8 - 9: Finally a place of our own!


So the morning was spent out in the field ministry of which I had a good day and spoke to a Number of nice persons with 4 to return and speak with. The question is will I be able to catch them home again...

We received the keys to the place we will rent out from this point forward which made me very happy!

We went to the National Arts and Crafts Fair which was pretty fun. I bought a lot of cheese and different breads. The prices were crazy for some of the items that were being sold but I found a coat that I absolutely loved. This will be the one gift to me, it has a bit of a gypsy look (pics will come later) yes I know I've been saying that but trust me they are coming!

Jo Ann and I

My new Gypsy coat


Was spent out in service and moving more items into our new flat. A brother and sister had their car broken into before service which was really upsetting we spent the afternoon with them talking and keeping them company. I lost my brown glove...again.

Later in the evening we went to a friends house as their parents weren't in there is a term for that of which I will explain later below. We spent the night playing paper telephone and Preben and a young sister, Fiona, played the piano (keyboard) for us. We had a good time!


Retail Therapy -  Another way to say "Shop 'til you Drop" apparently this term seems very American.  I've never heard of this before maybe i'm just out of the loop in my own country.

No bother - This is like saying "No problem" or "don't worry" some people have complained this is a term used by too many people when they want to be lazy and not do what they are suppose to be doing.

Craic (pronounced Crack) - At times people will say "Are you up for some good craic" this is not drugs but fun.

Free Gaff - Has the meaning Parents are not home. House party while they are away Gaff means house that belongs to ones parents

Prams -  Short for perambulator this is the term used for what we would call a stroller or baby carriage

Nappie -  A diaper. A term that is used with your peers is "Are you happy in your nappie" I think this is a type of joke but I don't really get it

Starting on the left Preben > Aisling > Shelly > Rachel (in the back) > Fiona > Kiera

The tall one is Marc the one sitting down is Luca



  1. You and that glove. Lol!

    Interesting words,phrases and there meaning. Hey, are you sure their not say your hair is "Nappie". Lol!

    Rhonda Marbury

  2. Even I have heard of retail therapy before, that's very American. :)