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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Day 3-5: Summary Episode

So yes I have skipped a few days because we had so much going on but no time to talk about it. So below is a brief summary! (I will post pictures either later today or tomorrow.)


Decided on an apartment to rent after viewing one or that smelled like cigarettes and some other unsavory odor. It's in Malahide a nice area pretty quiet remindes me a little of the College Park area.

We were invited to the house of Ben, whom we met Sunday and met his parents as well as friends from his congregation. His dad, Alex, was a comedian it seems as the jokes never, NEVER, stopped flowing. You couldn't hel but love him. His mom was very sweet and they offered to let us stay with them for the 2 month duration we would be in Ireland which was very tempting considering the issues we've been having.

We played a game called "cheat" similar to "I Doubt it or BS". There was a Phillapino family and a mixed couple there as well (Phillapino/Irish). Laya was the name of the wife and she gave me a crash course in Tagalog which I may look into learning it is a mixture of Spanish and other dialects including Japanese which is right up my ally.

Jehovah's organization is great so diverse and hospitable we are all family no matter where you go in the world or how long you've known each other!


Consisted of a long cold day out in the ministry my toes were frozen and my fingers were cold. Preben didn't bring his coat which was a bit crazy but he was ok at first only to freeze later on. My long lost glove from Saturday was found! As we were in the same area, thank you Luca!

Gloves reunited

Our B & B room

Did I mention how awesome my scarf is - Made by Allaya Hall my sister is amazing!

We stayed out to 7pm however it was dark like it was 10pm, the time really get you! A sister in the Northside congregation, Jo Ann, offered us the use of a room for our duration in Dublin.


Moved out of the B&B which I would recommend 100x over very cute, to stay with Jo Ann until Friday. We are going to help her out as much as we can as she recently broke her arm while ice skating. This sister is very active and fit for her age, she will be 69 soon, she looks to be in her mid 50's!


  1. Sounds like you are are having fun. Can't wait to hear your experiences in service.

    Rhonda Marbury

  2. Love that scarf! Glad you found your glove. Did preben get a coat? With the brother telling all of the jokes, you should've felt right at home :)